Monday, March 28, 2011

The miracle of breastfeeding

I am a new mummy to my six-month-old little prince. He was a gift to my husband and I that God bestowed on us. Being a new mummy, I awaited excitedly for his arrival. He was born on a special day, our country's National Day – Aug 31, 2010.

Previously, I thought breastfeeding was an easy task. I had read up on breastfeeding and equipped myself with all the knowledge I needed. In my mind, it would be easy as long as I followed the steps stipulated in books and websites. How wrong I was! It was a challenge to breastfeed my little prince. He didn’t want to suck my breast as I had made the wrong move of introducing him to the bottle first, when he was in the hospital.

When I went back home, I kept trying, but no matter what I did, he refused to suckle. He would go on crying and yelling and refused to take milk from my breast, even though he was extremely hungry. How frustrating and how my heart bled hearing my little prince cry as he refused my breast.

I badly wanted to breastfeed as I wanted to provide the best milk for my little prince. I felt so sad and depressed that I thought I might have post-natal depression if I kept on insisting on breastfeeding. Both my baby and I were feeling so pressured at every feeding time.

I had no choice but to express my milk and feed him using a bottle. However, every day and at every chance I had, I still tried to breastfeed him. Time after time, I faced failure and time after time I felt even more depressed and useless. I consoled myself that at least I was giving him breast milk albeit through a bottle.

I tried to get help and advice from my sister who persistently motivated me over the phone on the methods of breastfeeding. I tried every way she mentioned but to no avail.

She advised me to keep on trying and not to give up. She advised me to use the law of attraction to stay motivated and to be patient and believe that Joshua would one day take milk from my breast.

Through my persistence, patience, strong will and belief that I could do it and using the law of attraction, a miracle happened one day!

My little prince started to suckle successfully one month later. However, I faced another challenge during this initial breastfeeding phase. As I was not used to it, whenever my baby suckled, it caused pain to my nipple as though he was biting it. I told myself I had come so far and I must not give up. No matter how painful it was I needed to endure it for my baby. Thank God I got used to the feeling after a few days and I have not regretted breastfeeding.

It was the best gift and experience that I could ever ask for. It was a very beautiful and wonderful feeling. The feeling of bonding with my baby is great. The feeling of having him sucking and carrying him close to me was a feeling full of joy, love and happiness for both baby and mummy.

My advice to any new mummy or any mummy who has tried to breastfeed before but failed – do not give up! Patience, persistence, using the law of attraction and staying positive will secure you the success of breastfeeding.

Also, do not give your baby the bottle if your milk supply is not ready. Feed your baby by using a small cup so that your baby will not be confused between your nipple and the bottle nipple.

Good luck to all new mummies and enjoy the journey of motherhood.

Tay Li Eng

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