Thursday, February 10, 2011

Safety tips on the bus

1) Sit down.
Very often when you drive past school buses you will see the children standing up and playing around. If the bus driver needs to step on the brakes suddenly, the children may lose their balance and injure themselves. Children must be warned and understand the severity of sticking their head, arm or leg out the window. Accidents can happen so easily.

2) Listen to the bus driver.
When your child is on the bus, the bus driver is the man or woman in charge. Remind your child that the rules that the bus driver imposes are there for a reason. If he says, “Sit down”, then they should comply. If the bus driver is unreasonable, they should tell you about it so you can bring it up with the bus driver. They shouldn't try to confront the bus driver.

3) If the bus breaks down or there's an emergency, call you.
Remind your child that they should never endeavour to get home by themselves or deal with an emergency on their own. They should call you. If they don't have a handphone, chances are one of the other children on the bus will, or use the bus driver's phone.

4) Get on the right bus.
Make sure you child is familiar with the bus driver and the bus so that he or she doesn't get on the wrong bus.

5) Public transport.
Your child should be able to take care of himself or herself before they are allowed to take public transport. Initially, when they start taking public transport, get an older sibling or cousin to go along to guide and monitor them until they are ready to go solo. When taking public transport, they should find responsible and reliable friends who take the same bus home and sit together. If they have to sit alone, then make sure they know to shout, scream and kick if anyone tries to touch them. They must learn to sit next to safe-looking people – the elderly distinguished looking auntie, the mother with child or another student. When standing up, your child should be wary of perverts standing too close and rubbing or pressing themselves against them. In such cases, shout at the pervert and move to stand farther away. If they can't move away, use their school bag as a wedge between them and the pervert.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Safety tips at school:

1) Stay within the school compound.
Remind your child not to wait for you and/or the school bus outside the school compound. They should only come out when you or the bus driver is there.

2) Be careful of who they befriend.
Teach your child to avoid bullies and children who could potentially be a bad influence. Initially, you could encourage them to stick with their siblings and cousins studying at the same school or the neighbourhood children you know well.

3) Check out your child's school.
If you think it's easy for anyone to walk in and out of the compound or there is a hole in the fencing, then voice it out to the principal or at one of the parent-teacher association (PTA) meetings. Don't wait for someone else to speak up. What if nobody else does? While you're there, check out the school toilet. How safe is it? Are the windows too low? Are there places for peeping toms to peer in?

4) Don't talk to strangers.
Warn your child that the Abang waiting for his kid may just be a predator waiting to kidnap children. They should tell you or their teacher about any suspicious people in or around the school compound.

5) Tell you about it.
If they are being blackmailed or threatened in any way, you need to know about it. It may be a small matter, but you still need to know about it. As a parent, refrain from dismissing it as a small issue. If you dismiss that small matter today, your child won't come to you when he or she has a bigger problem. No matter how small the problem is, talk it out with your child. Explore with them what can be done, get them to suggest ways to address the problem. Let them come up with solutions and think of what could potentially happen if they did A, B or C.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Safety tips in a shopping complex:

Safety tips in a shopping complex:1) Keep an eye on your child.
If you have to turn away for a moment and your child is easily distracted, keep talking to her. This way she'll always hear your voice and you'll know where she is. The moment she doesn't respond or is slow to respond, your warning bells should go off.

2) Remind your child not to wander.
Always remind your child you will NEVER leave the shop without her so if she thinks she's lost you, she should go to the cashier and say “I've lost my mummy”. She must know to never step outside the shop to look for you because you will never leave without her.

3) Teach your child which type of people she can approach for help.
The cashier in the shop is a good bet. Another is the information counter if she can find her way there. A third would be families with children in tow.

4) Teach your child to shout for you.
Some children are very shy and dare not shout for you. Practise, practise and make them do it. A child who is lost should just stand still and shout MUMMY!!!!!! She will get your attention and everyone else's too and somebody is bound to help her (if you're not in the vicinity). Humiliation and embarrassment should be the last thing on your mind and your child's mind if she is lost or thinks she has lost you.

5) Hold hands.
Yes, this is a tough one when your child is growing up and doesn't want to hold hands in public. If that is the case, and if she is a bit taller, then consider resting your arm over her shoulder. Remember, this is just to know where she is and so she knows you're next to her. You'd be surprised how many children get lost in crowds. Many times at a crowded shopping mall you will hear the announcements on missing children or found children and it happens every weekend!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Zizie Ezette Masuk Wad Suspek Demam Denggi

PETALING JAYA: Aktres popular Zizie Ezette Abd Samad, 32, (Zizie) kini ditahan di Hospital Pakar Ampang Puteri, Ampang, selepas disyaki menghidap demam denggi.
Kata isteri kepada Ahli Parlimen Kinabatangan, Sabah, Datuk Bung Mokhtar itu, dia dimasukkan ke hospital tersebut pada malam Isnin lalu selepas mengalami demam yang teruk semalaman.
"Saya mula ditahan di wad sejak malam tadi (Isnin). Sebenarnya sejak semalam lagi saya sudah mula demam dan menggigil yang teruk. Memandangkan saya berada berseorangan di rumah sebab suami kini berada di Sabah, saya tidak larat untuk ke klinik sendiri.
"Mujurlah pada malam semalam (Isnin) ibu datang ke rumah dan menghantar saya ke hospital," katanya sewaktu dihubungi mStar Online, Selasa.
Walaupun masih belum mendapat pengesahan rasmi daripada doktor, beberapa simptom seperti muntah, sakit sendi, keluar bintik-bintik merah di kulit dan cirit-birit yang dialaminya itu menjurus kepada demam denggi.
"Selepas pemeriksaan darah semalam, doktor memberitahu simptom yang saya alami ini menjurus kepada demam denggi. Bagaimanapun, sehingga kini masih belum ada keputusan rasmi daripada doktor.
"Saya kena tunggu sehingga esok atau lusa untuk pengesahan sama ada benar-benar dijangkiti demam denggi atau sebaliknya," katanya yang percaya mendapat penyakit itu ketika bercuti ke Filipina bersama suaminya, baru-baru ini.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

RON97 Naik 10 Sen Kepada RM2.50

Harga petrol RON97 akan dinaikkan 10 sen berkuat kuasa tengah malam Isnin, menurut seorang sumber kerajaan.
Dengan kenaikan itu, harga petrol RON97 akan meningkat menjadi RM2.50 seliter berbanding RM2.40 sebelumnya, lapor Malaysiakini.
Ini merupakan kenaikan harga yang keempat berturut-turut bagi petrol RON97.
Semenjak tahun lalu, harga RON97 mula dinaikkan kepada RM2.15 pada 2 November, RM2.30 pada 1 Disember dan terus meningkat kepada RM2.40 pada 4 Januari tahun ini.
Harga bagi petrol RON97 yang banyak digunakan oleh kenderaan berkuasa tinggi, tidak ditetapkan kerajaan kerana ia diapungkan mengikut pasaran minyak dunia semasa.

Naik lagi..... kenapa tak RM3 terus...