Thursday, February 3, 2011

Safety tips in a shopping complex:

Safety tips in a shopping complex:1) Keep an eye on your child.
If you have to turn away for a moment and your child is easily distracted, keep talking to her. This way she'll always hear your voice and you'll know where she is. The moment she doesn't respond or is slow to respond, your warning bells should go off.

2) Remind your child not to wander.
Always remind your child you will NEVER leave the shop without her so if she thinks she's lost you, she should go to the cashier and say “I've lost my mummy”. She must know to never step outside the shop to look for you because you will never leave without her.

3) Teach your child which type of people she can approach for help.
The cashier in the shop is a good bet. Another is the information counter if she can find her way there. A third would be families with children in tow.

4) Teach your child to shout for you.
Some children are very shy and dare not shout for you. Practise, practise and make them do it. A child who is lost should just stand still and shout MUMMY!!!!!! She will get your attention and everyone else's too and somebody is bound to help her (if you're not in the vicinity). Humiliation and embarrassment should be the last thing on your mind and your child's mind if she is lost or thinks she has lost you.

5) Hold hands.
Yes, this is a tough one when your child is growing up and doesn't want to hold hands in public. If that is the case, and if she is a bit taller, then consider resting your arm over her shoulder. Remember, this is just to know where she is and so she knows you're next to her. You'd be surprised how many children get lost in crowds. Many times at a crowded shopping mall you will hear the announcements on missing children or found children and it happens every weekend!

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