Monday, February 7, 2011

Safety tips at school:

1) Stay within the school compound.
Remind your child not to wait for you and/or the school bus outside the school compound. They should only come out when you or the bus driver is there.

2) Be careful of who they befriend.
Teach your child to avoid bullies and children who could potentially be a bad influence. Initially, you could encourage them to stick with their siblings and cousins studying at the same school or the neighbourhood children you know well.

3) Check out your child's school.
If you think it's easy for anyone to walk in and out of the compound or there is a hole in the fencing, then voice it out to the principal or at one of the parent-teacher association (PTA) meetings. Don't wait for someone else to speak up. What if nobody else does? While you're there, check out the school toilet. How safe is it? Are the windows too low? Are there places for peeping toms to peer in?

4) Don't talk to strangers.
Warn your child that the Abang waiting for his kid may just be a predator waiting to kidnap children. They should tell you or their teacher about any suspicious people in or around the school compound.

5) Tell you about it.
If they are being blackmailed or threatened in any way, you need to know about it. It may be a small matter, but you still need to know about it. As a parent, refrain from dismissing it as a small issue. If you dismiss that small matter today, your child won't come to you when he or she has a bigger problem. No matter how small the problem is, talk it out with your child. Explore with them what can be done, get them to suggest ways to address the problem. Let them come up with solutions and think of what could potentially happen if they did A, B or C.

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