Friday, January 28, 2011

Safety tips at home

Here are some safety tips compiled by ParenThots:

1) Don't leave your child alone at home.
If both you and your spouse are working full-time or have to be away, arrange for someone else to be at home to receive the children when they return from school. Alternatively, have them sent to a relative's house or even the neighbour. Preferably, let your child be in a place / home where there is a responsible and trustworthy adult to supervise. Anything can happen if your child is alone at home – think: Fire, burglary, kidnap, rape.

2) Entrusting your child with the house keys.
It's great to hand the house keys to your child but that is a big responsibility and children easily misplace items and might not even realise it for a long time. A child who has lost the house keys might not want to inform you, knowing how upset you will be. How do you know whose hands those keys will fall into?

3) Get a good and responsible bus driver or transport person for your child.
If you're getting a school bus or someone to pick up your child and send him home, be wary about who you choose and how safe they are. A bus that doesn't wait for your child to step into the home or one that drops off your child a bit farther from the home for their convenience is not ideal. In that one minute of walking from the bus to the safety of home, anyone can nab your child.

4) Lock up, secure your home.
Always ensure the front and inside gates are locked once you're home. Ensure your whole family does this. Do not assume that your family is safe because the external gate is locked. It may be low enough for an intruder to jump over. A busy household might seem safe and you might be tempted to leave the gates unlocked, but it is also in busy places that you don't notice when a small child goes missing. Better to be safe than sorry.

5) Don't talk to strangers.
If people turn up at your door or gate, don't be so quick to unlock the gate and door. They can hear you just as well from inside with both gates locked. And if they don't have a permit for selling, soliciting or getting information, they have no business with you and your family.

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