Monday, January 31, 2011

Safety tips on the street and in the park

1) Don't plug in or wear a hoodie.
Our ears and our eyes are our best sensors to keep us alert of who and what is around us. Train your children not to plug in or wear anything that covers their ears when they're out and about. Also, teach them to stay alert for footsteps and movement around them. If they think someone is following them, they should run to safety. If someone tries to nab them, they need to scream, shout, scratch, bite, kick and do anything and everything to break free, then run to a safe place.

2) Know your route.
Remind your children to never go to unsafe places – dark and lonely roads. Stick to places and roads with more people and always know “safe places” they can run into along the way – police stations, hospitals, crowded shops, friendly and “safe” households.

3) Walk on the inside.
Remind your child not to walk near the road when walking on the pavement. They should walk as far inside as they can so it's harder for potential abductors to attack or kidnap them. They should also walk against the flow of the traffic so they can see oncoming cars, vans and bikes.

4) Go with friends.
Advise your children to always walk with friends in a group. They are less likely to be attacked if they are in a group. They should also watch out for one another and wait for the slow ones when walking in a group.

5) Run and don't loiter.
If your child has no choice but to proceed through a road which is extra quiet, then they should run to their destination. It's harder for people to nab them if they are running. They should also not loiter between destinations. Whenever walking, walk with purpose and look like they mean business.

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